Tucson, AZ

Position Desired

Tucson, AZ


Professional Strengths__________________________________________________________
• Over nine years of experience in community pharmacy setting (over 6 years as a pharmacist, 3 years as a pharmacy intern).
• Over one year of clinical training directly from a physician (Mental Health and Substance use Disorders).
• High degree of enthusiasm to create and maintaining a positive and efficient work environment.
• Excellent interpersonal communication and listening skills. Ability to quickly build and maintain rapport with individuals, and able to perform well in a team-oriented work environment.
• Committed to the practice of pharmaceutical care, as a pharmacist, and the practice of evidence-based medicine, as a provider. Determined to put patients’ needs and concerns first.
• Excellent patient interviewing and counseling skills. Dedicated to teaching patients about their disease states, medications, and getting them to become actively involved in their own therapy.
• Highly motivated, results oriented professional with approachable leadership style.
• Strong work ethic marked by dedication, initiative, integrity, and professionalism.

• University of Arizona, Doctor of Pharmacy, graduated with honors, May 2001.
• University of Arizona, Bachelor of Science, Molecular and Cellular Biology, graduated with honors, May 2000 (completed while in Pharmacy School).
• University of Notre Dame, no degree, involved in prostate cancer research, and took advanced molecular and cellular biology courses, Aug. 2005 - Sept. 2006.
• Arizona School of Health Sciences, A.T. Still University, Master of Science, Physician Assistant Studies, graduated September, 2014.

Professional Experience___________________________________________________________
-Pharmacist-In-Charge(PIC)/Staff Pharmacist, AZ Department of Corrections, Tucson, AZ (via Concentric Staffing), July 2011 – May2012 (PIC, AKA Pharmacy Director from Nov 2011 – July 2012).
• PIC: Responsible for supervising twenty employees consisting of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
- In charge of maintaining and improving the efficiency of a pharmacy that provided prescription medications to state prisons in Tucson, Florence, Douglas, Ft. Grant, and Safford, AZ.
- Performed the duties of scheduling labor hours for the pharmacy, dealing with any employee issues, overseeing inventory management, and other administrative functions.
- Responsible for making the decision to approve non-formulary medication requests from providers, and worked with the medical director when making the decision to deny such requests.
- Attended weekly meetings with the medical director and others to address any inmate related health care issues, and to increase the efficiency and quality of inmate health care.
• Staff Pharmacist: Responsible for helping to maintain the efficiency of a pharmacy that filled over 1,500 prescriptions a day.
- Performed prescription order data entry, checked prescriptions filled by the pharmacy technicians, identified drug interactions, helped with inventory management, etc.
- Fielded calls from physicians and other providers regarding drug information and questions related to individual inmate’s prescription history.
- Provided inmates with information about their medications, via written communication, when appropriate.

-Relief Pharmacist, Dependable Staffing, Work in Tucson, AZ (company is located in Phoenix, AZ), April 2011 – July 2011.
• Fill in for Staff pharmacists at various pharmacies in Tucson, and the surrounding areas, when coverage is needed.
• Perform the duties of a staff pharmacist including filling prescriptions, checking prescriptions, counseling patients, communicating with physicians about complications with patients’ medications, etc.
• Use proper interviewing and counseling techniques (including using open-ended questions) when talking with patients about their medications, but also when they are inquiring about a specific medication or a specific disease state.
• Provide appropriate advice and recommendations to patients, physicians, and other health care providers when warranted.

-Clinical Pharmacist, Larry Oñate, MD Private Practice, Psychiatric and Addictions Medicine, Tucson, AZ, December 2009 - February 2011 (fellowship-like, clinical position).
• Trained to become a better clinician by learning new clinical skills that physicians use to evaluate and treat patients, combined with the skills that I had acquired from pharmacy school.
• Preformed many duties that a physician would perform, under the supervision of a physician, including taking patients' complete medical histories, discussing their current illness (HPI), and formulating assessments of patients.
• Learned how to diagnose several types of mental health illnesses, and learned how to develop treatment plans for patients with these illnesses, and for those with substance use disorders (learned how to perform various tests and procedures, including Suboxone Inductions).
• Learned how to preformed evaluations, assessments, and treatment plans for patients with comorbidities.
• Worked efficiently and effectively with a team of health care professionals including (besides myself) physicians, a nurse practitioner, and a counselor. This multidisciplinary team lead to positive patient outcomes.
• Helped Dr. Onate with several other things including refill authorizations and calling in new prescription (per his approval), and helped with the daily duties of running a private practice, including the business side of it.

-Clinical Pharmacist, The ETANO Center, Tucson, AZ, December 2009 - February 2011.
• Learned about Opiate Treatment Programs (OTPs) in general. Then learned about and became a part of The ETANO Center clinic's vision to be different than most OTPs, by teaching patients who are opioid dependent about their disease, and providing them with the proper tools, from one-on-one and group counseling, to help them live their lives without opiates (rather than just giving them medication).
• Learned how to counsel patients about their disease from licensed counselors (and from Psychiatrist). Helped facilitate group counseling sessions for patients.
• Provided patients and staff with important education regarding the medications that are used in the clinic, as well as those that the patients were receiving from their primary care or other physicians. Coordinated care between the clinic and the doctor(s) of the patients, if necessary.
• Learned how to perform new patient intakes and assessments under the supervision of the prescriber.
• Occasionally preformed the medication dosing duties when the nurses were unavailable (on an as needed basis).
• Was responsible for overseeing the nurses in terms of spills and...

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